Domain Buyers – Be Aware of Inflated Search Volume Statistics

Today I got an email from someone selling a domain. It’s not uncommon as I am pretty active in the domain business. I saw something that caught my eye with this one. The email stated, “if you do a Google search for this exact match term, you will find over 14,000 search results with numerous paid ads.” My mind immediately thought they were saying “over 14,000 people searching for this term and lots of advertisers were in this market.”  I knew the market well and knew this was in inflated number and I felt that this was a bit deceptive. I almost responded with an email, but then I decided to invest my energy here where I can help others not be duped.

The reality is that there are 140 broad match searches and 12 exact match searches for this term. For what they are asking ($150) it’s not actually a bad investment for an end-user, but it doesn’t have the overinflated value that is implied.

In all cases, buyers need to be educated and in the domaining world, I would say it’s even more critical as pricing and valuation methods vary and many still have lofty expectations for their domain sales.