Don’t Make The $12 Domain Mistake That I Did

I own quite a few domains and from time to time I ask myself if I want to renew a specific domain, or just keep renewing it. The fees are low enough, but 100 domains at $8-$12 per year is $800-$1,200 per year. I used to say if the domain made me enough to cover the renewal I would keep it.

I had a keyword-rich domain that I had bought to use for a client project, however, the client wasn’t really wanting to invest the time or money into the new domain. Something inside of me said I didn’t want to sell it for fear of causing an issue where they thought I was doing something unethical. In hindsight, I could have just registered it in an account for the client and let them make the choice.

As I was doing server maintenance, I saw that the domain was still listed in my hosting account even though it had expired. as I often do with expired domains, I checked to see if it was live, and sure enough, it was. An overseas company was selling products through an affiliate program and I kicked myself. I should have done the same and then if the client later decided they wanted the domain, I could have worked out a deal with them.

You win some and you lose some, but I am sure I won’t make that decision again.