Where Have You Had The Most Success Selling Domains Names?

I recently read an article on Morgan Linton’s blog where he listed the Top 10 Places to Sell Your Domain Names. Some commenters took issue with the list and shared that he had left several key domain seller resources off of his list. I really have not had lots of success with most of the sites he listed, and in fact, I’ve only had sales from one of the sites in his Top 10 (Flippa.)

Sadly, I realized that I don’t do such a great job at finding out where people found my domain name for sale if we don’t do a deal.  I get inquiries pretty consistently, but I often find that I get low ball offers, so I don’t sell too many domains to those who contact me outside of domain selling sites and communities.

My #1 domain selling resource is Flippa. Truth be told, I have only successfully sold domains that had revenue-producing websites attached to them at Flippa.

My #2 domain selling resource is GoDaddy. I really never regarded them as a domain selling platform until I received my first offer (and 4 figure sale) on a domain I did not have listed for sale. After that, I listed several more domains with GoDaddy.

My #3 domain selling resource is “having good domain names and websites with valid contact info.” As I mentioned, I get lots of solicitations and have had people contact me to ask about domains that I own that are not being offered for sale. In one case, I was a bit surprised to get an offer for a blog that I ran (with minimal profitability). That deal also led to a part-time paid blogging position with the site purchaser.

So what about you? How are you finding buyers for your domain names?