Why Squadhelp is My Favorite Brandable Domain Marketplace

Why Squadhelp is My Favorite Brandable Domain Marketplace

I recently got on board with using brandable domain marketplaces and for me, Squadhelp is at the top of my list. I have only used one other brandable marketplace, and I won’t share the name, but I did not have the best experience. 

What is a Brandable Domain Marketplace?
A brandable domain marketplace is a market that caters to business owners by features mostly made-up domain names that may be suitable as a business domain name. These often include variations of dictionary words such as a missing vowel, extra character (i.e. Toughe.com), or the alternate use of a letter (i.e. Skillzvile.com) as well as words that are made up by combining other words (i.e. TixBay.com).

Most brandable marketplaces are unique in that they require exclusivity when you list with them, due to the marketing that they put behind the promoting and selling of names, which is something that Squadhelp does well.

There is a Learning Curve on Squadhelp
If you are used to traditional domain marketplaces, there is a learning curve on Squadhelp because there are so many features to the site, so take your time and don’t get stressed. The support team at Squadhelp is amazing so just reach out and ask for help via chat, use the forum to ask other users questions, or search the documents on the site and you will likely get your answer sooner rather than later.

In short, the steps to getting started are:

Register (for free)
– Submit Names to the Premium Marketplace (I recommend starting with your best names)
– Use a Squadhelp Coin (costs $1) to submit names for faster review times
– Wait for approvals

Once your names are approved as premium names, they will create your logo at no extra cost – and there is no “logo fee” due upon selling the name.

Here is What I Love About Squadhelp

Great Support. Squadhelp offers support via chat and the replies also get sent to your email so you can reply either way. The CEO (Darpan Munjal) is also involved in the domain community and frequently shares on Twitter (as @darpanmunjal). He and the Squadhelp team put out great content that includes data from what the team learns based on the sales they see. He is also very approachable.

Naming Contests. This drives exposure to domain names. You can submit any domain names you have any your Squadhelp account to the contests that allow Premium Domain submissions and if the Contest Holder (CH) likes it they might purchase it allowing you to sell your domain name.

Exposure to Big Brands. Squadhelp has been recognized as a Fortune 500 company for the past few years and recognized as one of the most innovative companies by Inc Magazine. This also drives exposure to domain names on the platform.

Wholesale Marketplace. Once you qualify, you can also list your names on the wholesale marketplace, where other domain investors can purchase your domains at wholesale prices.

Commitment to Marketing. Squadhelp charges higher commissions that more traditional marketing places such as Afternic, however, the justification is that they have a commitment to marketing that many other aftermarket marketplaces do not.

Ability to List Names on Afternic. Typically brandable marketplaces require exclusivity, however Squadhelp is testing a feature where they are allowing Silver members and above (those with 50+ premium domains listed) to concurrently list their names at Afternic. I just got mine listed today after having passed the 50 premium domain mark.

A Few Things That Could Be Better on Squadhelp

Cloud Broker Service. I see a brokerage service offered within the platform, however, I don’t see much activity there. It’s not very clear how to access those brokers, or to what level that service is in use or effective.

Time Constraints for Contest Holders. A common thread of complaints that I read on the discussion board is that those who hold the contests seem to have unlimited time to choose a winner. This means that creatives and domain investors have to wait for an undetermined amount of time to hear if they have won a contest or if the contest holder is going to purchase their domain. I feel that Squadhelp can help these folks be more decisive by giving them a time frame to make a decision, just as any other agency would.

Overall, I am a big fan and I look forward to closing my first domain sale from Squadhelp very soon! According to my stats (below), I am on the right track, having higher than average approval rates (submitted domain names that were accepted) and shortlist/view rates.

UPDATE (March 2021) – I sold two premium domain names within my first 8 months of having my names listed at Squadhelp. I had no more than 15 names at any time, so this is a good sign to me and reaffirms why Squadhelp is my #1 brandable marketplace.

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